Workshops Offerings

Currently we are have two things we enjoy a great deal:

The Shadow Tent

As seen at various Maker Faires from Portland, Oregon to San Mateo, California. You can build and/or watch a simple shadow puppet, quick skit, goodly sized show, or big-big opera and then show it on the Wall of Shadows to your audience or to your dog. Because cats do not care. Go to our YouTube and check out the goofiness.
Best with: Public events. Community building. Classrooms. Many events we are only asking for materials plus a volunteer.

Build some puppets or really big masks. Do the live show or video or have a pageant or just a whole bunch of fun. Best as a 5 hour, multi day workshop. Pure build or build with lab.
Age groups of all types and skills. Fits well with a physical theater syllabus.