Things We Do

Celebrating 29 years of Us.

We have several styles of shows. Family, Community, and Experimental.

Family Shows. Kinda what you expect when you see the words “puppet” and  “show” put together. Kid friendly, yes, but also appealing to the parents with humor that sails over the heads of the younger set and blows-up in adult face muscles.

Community Shows are large and meant to bring groups together for/with a common purpose. Examples: Park opening, protest, parade, or weddings. They take a minimum of four hours to one week to do from start to finish. Lots of fun.

Experimental Shows deal with time, tempo, place, or/and connections. These shows are for those that are looking for something unusual. Check out Tim’s Patron site if you like supporting the unusual and/or Tim. Not all of our Experimental Shows make it to the performance page.

Those other things that we do.

We do workshops: Puppet building, puppet manipulation, full productions with the kids, basic mask, basic mime, and Make and Take Mask. For school groups, college, community groups, or for the love of it. Starting at 45 minute and going to 2 full weeks for performance based works that use the hands as well as the imagination.

However, if you are looking to “wiggle the dolly” or “meet puppetry people”, don’t wait for our workshops!

We know where and how to find puppeteers for your area, write us, or PM us on Facebook ,for groups or information on how to start something.

Where to see puppet shows. Our Facebook presence is a place that you will find our shows and shows from other artists that we find interesting.