Waiting for a Train: The Last Performances

"Too many suitcases. Too much time. Not enough coffee."

Winners of the Best Actors Award, at the International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival Pierrot Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Length: 60 minutes.
Performers: 3
Tech in/out: 3 hours /45 min

Found object puppetry and physical theater.
Best fits: Large venue, school gym, or large library.
Ask about block booking pricing.
More information and links to videos.


Sea of Stars

The tender story about your personal baggage and whatever you make of it.
An installation.
With tea, and a place to talk it out.

Length: 15 minutes per person. With guided viewings.
Performers: 3
Tech in/out: Site Specific but,  1 hour/15 minutes to 2 days/90 min.

Non-screen shadow puppetry, paper based Bunraku and you. One person at a time or group of no more than 10.

Best fits: Small venues, art galleries, and alternative venues that can be darkened.

"A one of a kind, fantastic  journey, with an abundance of audience participation..", audience member that was likely a journalist major.

Tall Tales from Tiny Town

Told one person at a time.
Have you ever experienced a show done just for you?
Have you had time to really look at things?
This is an immersive work.

Length: 3/15 minutes.
Performers: 3
Tech in/out: 1 day / 150 min

Object Puppetry and storytelling. Theater of place.

Best fits: Larger buildings with rooms.