Contact Us

We are closing down but still in the game until 2024 or when the plug is pulled. We would be delighted to help you find some traveling companies to host your venue.

Subject line should have our name in it, because, spam.
Phone: 503/975.5966
Social networks: Look for Teatro Calamari on
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and every so often on Twitch.

Where do you perform?
Until 2020, the company could be found lurking just about anyplace in Oregon.
Presently we’re online: for special gigs, but nothing with a schedule.
Presently we’re performing for the “more adult audience”, whatever that means.
After this, you’ll find us on the East Coast and other interesting places.

High and low estimates of Cost

The high: $6000. Three performers. For a week long residency or smattering of school shows to hook an audience, and 2 tech-drenched audience-pleasing public performances in a large venue (1200) and meet and greet after the show. Ask for a tech rider. And really, get the school/out reach shows… soooooo worth it.

The low: $300. One performer. Around Portland, Oregon library show. Up to 500 people, then there’s some negotiation, like coffee and a treat.

Everything falls in this range and you can bribe us with coffee.

We don’t do birthdays, but know a great deal of people that LOVE doing them AND are great at doing it.