Contact Us

Email: and send us an email.
Phone: 503/975.5966
Social networks:Look for Teatro Calamari on
Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Cost. It’s always better to
contact us instead of guessing.
BUT cost is based on the following :
Number of performers/size of show/number of shows.
Home stay or hotel.
Distance from where we are at the time you need us.
If you are part of a block booking or not.
If it’s a place we’ve been to and want to go again.
Salina, Toronto, or Leaf Rapids.
Looking right at you.

High and low
The high: $6000. For a week long residency, school shows, and
2 public performances in a large venue (1200) with meet and greet. 3 performers.

The low: Around town library shows, $300. With meet and play. Single performer.

Everything falls in this range and you can bribe us with coffee.