Well. This page is boring. Not unusual at all.
We save exciting for the shows.

We start with Puppetry and Physical Theater and then it gets cooler.

Come experience our video on YouTube.
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Facebook and Instagram.

Like us on each.

Facebook for dates, times, events, and workshops or if you want to chat.
Instagram for images that we find interesting and may one day be a real show.

We also have promotional media that you can only get if you ask.

As always, feel free to contact us for additional information-
Like getting a show or coming to a workshop… most of the workshops are in Portland, Oregon. With some really cool people that do mask, puppets, physical comedy, and Adapted Magical Realism.

But you would know this if you call. Or write. Or send a telegram.

The Telegram thing was a joke.
Faxing is the future.

For now, please gaze at this nose and handkerchief.

You are welcome.

February 2, 2019